24 of the Best Travel Gifts for Him

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It can be tricky shopping for gifts for anyone, but especially when your recipient is a fellow who happens to enjoy traveling. After all, what do you get someone who clearly favors experiences over things?

We have the perfect solution: things that help him enjoy said experiences. To help make your shopping easier and less stressful, we've put together a huge list of some of the best travel gifts for him. 

Psst...are you actually looking for the best travel gifts for HER? We got you!

Best Travel Gifts for Him

From outdoorsy gifts for national park lovers to luxe items perfect for hotel stays, we've rounded up over 20 of the best travel gifts for him. 

1. The Wander Club Travel Tokens

Regardless of people's many differences, most of us can agree that the very best presents are those that fit some specific criteria: meaningful, attractive, practical, and affordable. Well, it just so happens that The Wander Club's Travel Tokens Collections are all of those things. 


With thousands of options covering every conceivable option (literally — we even make fully customizable tokens!), our Travel Tokens are some of the best travel gifts for him. Choose State or Country Tokens, Baseball Stadium Tokens for the sports fans, National Park Tokens for the outdoorsy fellas, or create custom tokens. The sky really is the limit!

A brown Wanderchain and several Travel Tokens from The Wander Club lying on a map, some of the best travel gifts for him

2. Wanderchain From The Wander Club

We've already established that Travel Tokens are some of the top travel gifts for him, but your guy's going to need a place to display them. Luckily, we've got several stylish, top-quality Token Holders, our favorite being the Wanderchain. 


Wanderchains come in a variety of colors and materials (including vegan leather and repurposed genuine American baseball gloves!) and can hold up to 40 tokens. They're also exceptionally well-made and can be monogrammed, making them a wonderful customized travel gift for men. 

3. Luggage Tag

Luggage tags fall firmly under the category of Things You Never Knew You Needed But Totally Do...which is precisely why they make one of the best travel gifts for him. The Wander Club makes beautiful, hand-crafted, full-grain leather luggage tags


4. Wireless Earbuds

Whether your guy already has a pair or not (if he's anything like us, they get lost easily!), wireless earbuds are one of the most practical and best travel gifts for him. They're great for listening to music, taking calls on the go, and listening to podcasts on long flights. 

A hand holding a GoPro, one of the best travel gifts for him, underwater

5. GoPro

If the fella you're shopping for is even remotely adventurous, a GoPro is far and away one of the best travel gifts for him. The action camera records everything from casual hikes or bikes to amazing underwater scuba diving, plus it's super portable.

6. Tripod

Whether you buy a GoPro or not, a tripod is one of the best travel gifts for him. Nowadays, many come with simple, inexpensive adapters that work for a GoPro, cell phone, or "real" camera. 

7. Universal Travel Power Adapter

Country-hopping is incredible for so many reasons, but it comes with some inconveniences. Keeping devices charged doesn't have to be one of them, though, thanks to this universal travel power adapter.

8. Portable Power Station

They're not exactly lightweight and perhaps not carryon-friendly, but portable power stations like the Jackery are hands-down some of the most useful travel gifts for men. For men who frequently drive to their destinations or check luggage and have room to spare, this will be a total game-changer. 

A man resting on an airplane with his head cradled in a travel pillow, one of the best travel gifts for him

9. Travel Pillow

Whether he uses it on a long-haul flight, in the car during a national parks road trip, or at a campsite, a comfy travel pillow will be a much-appreciated gift. 

10. Portable Exercise Equipment

Got a fitness nut to shop for? Portable exercise equipment is one of the best travel gifts for him, allowing your guy to stick to his routine no matter where he is. There are lots of options, from simple resistance bands to full-blown home-gym systems, like the renowned TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer.

11. Water-Less Bodywash & Shampoo Bars

Not only do these handy little bars travel really well, they're also far more eco-friendly than traditional toiletries. There are plenty of great brands and scents out there, so shop around and pick a few favorites!

12. Travel French Press

If you're shopping for a coffee lover, one of the best travel gifts for him is an easy choice: a travel French press. The AeroPress Go is a top choice, as it was literally created for travelers, but there are also several other options to suit different tastes. 

13. Travel Hammock

At the opposite end of the spectrum from coffee, a travel hammock is another great gift option for men on the go. There are tons of lightweight, packable options on the market and all you need to set a hammock up is a couple of sturdy trees or other anchoring surfaces. 


A hand scratching off a tree icon on a scratch map, one of the best travel gifts for him

14. Scratch or Push-pin Map

Help your gift recipient show off his travels with a fun map! Check out a vast variety of options on Etsy or Amazon, including push-pin maps, scratch-off maps, and color-in maps.

15. Travel Tumbler

Regardless of what your guy's beverage of choice is, a travel tumbler like a Yeti or Stanley cup is one of the best travel gifts for him. Hydration is important no matter what you're doing!

16. Passport Holder

Help your giftee stay organized with a passport holder. They come in a huge variety of styles and designs, so there's something for every traveler. 

17. Microfiber Towel

Towels are one of the bulkiest items to pack and travel with — but they're also one of the most practical. Win your gift list (and totally change the game for your recipient!) with a microfiber towel, which is way smaller than traditional ones and dries fast, too.

18. Universal Waterproof Phone Pouch

Just about everyone has had, at the very least, a way-too-close call with losing their phone to some form of water. Solve that problem with a simple (and super wallet-friendly!) universal waterproof phone pouch, one of the best travel gifts. 

19. Premium Subscription to a Travel App

We're huge fans of giving experiences and practical gifts whenever possible, and this checks both boxes. Consider gifting a premium subscription to a travel-related app (just be sure it's something they'll actually use!). A couple of great examples include AllTrails Pro for outdoor enthusiasts and TripIt Pro, which keeps everything travel-related organized. 

A hand holding a national parks pass in front of the Badlands

20. National Parks Pass

For outdoor enthusiasts and adventure lovers, one of the best travel gifts overall is the America the Beautiful Pass, AKA the annual national parks pass. For just $80 per year, the recipient will get access to our 63 incredible national parks, plus hundreds of other National Park Service units such as National Recreation Areas and National Lakeshores. 

21. Packing Cubes

Most guys don't think they need packing cubes, but these genius yet ultra-simple inventions are life-changing. Once you've traveled with packing cubes, there's no going back!

22. Travel Garment Steamer

Admittedly not one of the sexiest travel gifts for him, this is still guaranteed to be a hit if the man you're shopping for has to dress nicely or is simply wardrobe-focused. The compact device will keep him looking sharp no matter how long that flight was.

23. Emergency Sewing & Repair Kit

Another less-than-sexy item but still a fantastic gift nonetheless, every guy should travel with an emergency sewing and repair kit. Button fell off? Hem needs a quick fix? Tear you're just noticing as you walk out the door? Problem solved!

24. Digital Picture Frame

 Last but certainly not least, a digital picture frame is definitely one of the best travel gifts for him (or anyone, really!). For major bonus points pre-load it with some favorite travel photos. You're welcome. 

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