12 Amazing National Park Themed Gifts

A hand holding a Wanderchain near Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone and an orange rectangle with the words "12 amazing national park themed gifts"

When it comes to giving gifts, what’s a better source of inspiration than The Great Outdoors? We’ll wait. 

Our national parks are a symbol of both civic pride and important efforts to conserve natural resources. They’re also, of course, stunningly beautiful, which can go a long way in inspiring your gift-giving — especially for family members, friends, significant others, associates, and anyone else who feels completely at home in nature. 

National park themed gifts are a fantastic way to show that special person some love and appreciation. As a bonus, many of these gifts are also extremely practical!

12 National Park Themed Gifts They’re Sure to Love

Check out 12 of our favorite national park themed gifts for birthdays, holidays, just-becauses, and other special occasions. 

1. The Wander Club US National Park Tokens

A hand holding up a Wanderchain from The Wander Club, one of the best national park themed gifts, in front of Bryce Canyon National Park

National park enthusiasts know the best way to appreciate these special places is to Leave No Trace - in other words, to admire them without taking anything or leaving any evidence of their visit. For that very reason (and many others!), US National Park Tokens from The Wander Club make the perfect national park themed gifts. 

Each stylish stainless-steel token features the name of one of our iconic national parks engraved on it, plus has customization options. Consider adding the date of your visit (or planned visit!) or a specific hike you completed or landmark you visited.  

The Wander Club’s tokens are lightweight yet durable, and all 63 national parks are available, making them fun and easy to collect as you visit more and more parks. They’re also backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee if the engraving wears off. 


2. The Wander Club Wanderchain

A cream-colored backpack with a brown Wanderchain attached to it, one of the best national park themed gifts

Collecting U.S. national park tokens is even better when you have an easy way to display and organize them. Our Wanderchains are made of sustainably tanned leather (or vegan leather!) and come on a key ring ready to attach to a backpack, purse, hiking pack, or suitcase to show off your national park tokens. 

The Wander Club’s handsome Wanderchains are handmade and only get better with time. Each one holds up to 40 travel tokens on a single ring or a whopping 80 tokens on two split rings. You can make this national park themed gift even more meaningful by adding a custom two-letter monogram to the leather.


3. National Park Push-Pin Map

Freshen up your living or workspace and show off your adventures with a national park push-pin map. These types of maps display America’s 63 national parks and come with some type of pins meant to be placed after each visit. For example, some come with wooden pine tree-shaped pins, while others have more traditional colored push pins. 

4. National Parks-Edition Board Games

Everyone loves a classic board game  — they’re great for camping, road trips, or low-key days at home. They take on a whole new level of fun when they’re national park-themed! Check out iconic options like Monopoly National Parks or National Park Scrabble, both suitable for anyone.

5. National Parks Tumbler

There are few more practical national park themed gifts than a tumbler. Several reputable brands make excellent versions featuring illustrations that represent America’s beloved parks, whether it shows highlights from several or it’s dedicated to just one park. This is one gift that will go everywhere with the recipient!

6. National Park Themed Pint Glass

If your giftee (or you!) enjoys the occasional adult beverage, a national park themed pint glass will be a very well-recieved gift. Some feature topographic maps of parks, others have beautifully detailed illustrations, and some have simple words. 

7. Vintage National Park Prints or Posters

Several vintage national park posters, one of the best national park themed gifts

Our national parks have long been iconic, and a huge aspect of that is the classic vintage look used on older graphics. When you’re considering national park themed gifts, give a set of themed postcard-sized prints or a single larger poster to bring style to any space. 

8. National Park Service Baby Onesie

Need a national park themed gift for the tiniest outdoor enthusiast in your life? A gender-neutral onesie featuring the iconic National Park Service arrowhead logo is an excellent choice, and makes a great keepsake long after it no longer fits. 

9. U.S. National Parks Puzzle

Like board games, puzzles make ideal national park themed gifts that bring a little joy to everyone. Pick a favorite park, go with a map theme, or choose a puzzle that features graphics from several national parks. This a perfect gift for families, kiddos, adults, vanlifers, solo travelers — everyone!

10. National Parks Quilt

Another practical choice that’s sure to be a hit with anyone when it comes to national park themed gifts is a quilt. Pick one up that features illustrations inspired by several national parks including Joshua Tree, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon, or choose one dedicated to a specific park. This is a great road trip idea or a fun way to announce an upcoming surprise trip!

11. National Park Checklist Art

Similar to a national parks scratch-off or push-pin map, a checklist keeps tracks of all your park visits. There are several themes available including trees, mountains, bears, and other plants and wildlife, and they come in canvas, dry-erase, or acrylic versions. 

12. National Parks Playing Cards

Play several rounds of your favorite card games with national park playing cards featuring vintage artwork. Each card is unique and will surely help you reminisce about a favorite adventure or inspire future trip planning! This is a wonderful national park themed gift for rainy days or even to be kept as a display. 

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