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The Wander Club
Chris Fuentes
Best friends collecting together!

Started collecting a few years back when my best friend gave me my first tokens. This year we each gave each other more! Love to see all the travels and memories!

Very satisfied!!

Purchased 6 engraved keychains, 6 token dividers, and 13 tokens with place and year. Surprised my family with them and the announcement of our next family travel. Everyone loved them! I highly recommend them! Can’t wait to order my next token❤️

The Wander Club
Jennifer Hickenbottom
Wonderful Travel Memento

I bought my friend the keychain and tokens for all the states she has visited. I just recently got her her very first international token. This was the perfect way to commemorate our first international trip together. Can't wait to collect more.

The Wander Club
Sharon Blanton
Love It!

I am taking part in a Nationwide mural & decided to make a world wide painting marathon in memory of my Mother. I ordered a token with the name of the group & one with the mural that I'm part of as well as my placement #. I received an email from Kenny inquiring about the marathon. I'm so impressed that they showed an interest in my project. I'm excited about my painting marathon & adding to my token collection. I'm so glad that I found this company. Attached is my painting for the Southeast tree.


I must say, I was skeptical ordering a product from an internet store, but the service , shipping, and product exceeded my expectations. The keychain and tokens arrived earlier than promised, and my baseball loving friend certainly enjoyed the surprise. I am beyond pleased. Of course, now the tokens are BOGO, I might ask if he plans to visit any more stadiums! Thanks for a pleasant shopping experience. I'll be back!

Love my keychain

Looks fantastic!

The Wander Club
Julia Jordan
Obsessed with The Wander Club!

I found and joined The Wander Club in 2019. I’ve been traveling since I was 3, and recently turned 61. Now I can’t remember everywhere I’ve been! But it’s been a blast collecting tokens these last few years for all the places I DO remember! Especially during the Pandemic, isolating at home, I’ve been reliving my travels by collecting tokens and arranging them all—Continents, Countries, Cities, National Parks, Waters, and Landmarks! Each token brings back specific memories of remarkable people and adventures. I’ve so appreciated all the folks at The Wander Club and the opportunity to create these miniature keepsakes of all the grand places I’ve been!

Great way to commemorate an adventure.

I love collecting these tokens. So much better than a t-shirt or a shot glass. Lol.

The Wander Club
Linda Davis
The Coolest

I bought these as a gift for a great friend. She will attach them to her backpack and be the coolest person on the hike.

Wow, thanks so much, Linda! You're the coolest too for gifting her The Wander Club collection Here's to more of her hiking trips and tokens!

The Wander Club
Meredith Ladach
Awesome product!

So happy to have my life experience right around my neck. Great conversation piece and I’m very proud to show it off!

We're happy you're happy with your collection, Meredith! Thanks so much ❤️

Perfect travel memento

Love my rings! It's a great way to look back on my travels. I wear my rings on a chain to show them off whenever I want. It's a great conversation piece, too. I like that the continent rings are bigger and I use them to divide my country rings. ❤

Yay to you loving them, Andres! Your collection looks good and you look good too

Everglades addition

So fun to get another part to my National Park collection. Hope to get 8 more this year

Thanks so much, Patty! YES to more NP trips and tokens

Awesome gift

My favorite Christmas gift! Such a cool idea.

Thanks so much, Sam! We hope you had the happiest Christmas ❤️

What I was looking for

I'd been looking for something to have as a reminder of all the places I've visited but could only find things with a limited number of locations. This turned out to be perfect because it gives me many locations and it's the perfect size to have collected together. Will definitely be back to continue adding more.

What a collection of wonderful places, Diana! Thanks so much, and we look forward to you filling up your collection

Merry christmas!

These were in excellent condition and they are so cute! Can’t wait to add more!

And you are so cute, Megan! We feel the excitement from here Thanks so much, and here's to more places to explore and more tokens to add to your collection.

The Wander Club
Amanda Blackburn
Adventures w/ my Girls!

LOVE this idea for my girls to have a forever keepsake of all of our Adventures. They loves this gift! We took them along on our last east adventure to Big Bend National Park! They have them on their backpack/camel backs along for every hike!

Hey, sisters Ya'll look so beautiful and cool with your TWC collections, Amanda! Thanks so much for the love, and we here's to accompanying you in all your adventures!

Fantastic Gift

We love this and it is attached to our hiking backpack and we will certainly add to it!!!!

Thanks so much for the love, Michelle! We love how The Wander Club collection is accompanying you in your adventures now ❤️

Fantastic Gift

Overall experience was great. Wish there weren't so many to choose from LOL. We will keep adding to this for sure.

Thanks so much, Michelle. The more, the merrier Here's to many more of your trips and tokens!

The Wander Club
Diana Stanley

Love these! A Christmas gift for my husband we had such fun reminiscing about our adventures, the most recent being this year in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Thank you, Kenny and your staff for bringing your brilliant idea to all of the adventurers out there! (You must zoom to see the token.)

We love that you love them, Diana! Thanks so much, you and your husband have lots of fun as you wander, collect and reminisce all your adventures

The Wander Club
Julie Dover
Perfect gift

I gave this to my travel companion of 28 years. He found it thoughtful and meaningful. We can't wait to do more traveling and add more Charms.

Wow, it must've been fun and memorable 28 years ❤️ Thanks so much for trusting us with this special collection of his, Julie! Here's to more years of travel and collecting together.

Amazing Gift Idea

This was a excellent gift!! They absolutely loved it!!! I bought this for you daughter and boyfriend who travel all over and wanted them to have a keepsake to remind them of all they been to. They absolutely loved it and can not wait to continue adding to their key ring! If you are looking for a unique gift here it is!!!!

Yay, thanks so much, Linda! Here's to a happy New Year for you and for your daughter and her boyfriend to explore more places

Great Gift

I received mine as a gift Christmas of 2020 and loved it so much bought one for my friend for Christmas 2021 with tokens for Italy and England to celebrate her first visit England and Italy.

We love how you and your friend coming into 2022 with your collections with us ❤️ Thanks so much, Alley, and we're looking forward to make more for your special trips!

Love it!

I received the Wanderchain and several tokens last year as a gift from a friend to commemorate a trip we took together. It was my favorite gift! It is well-made and is a great reminder of the places we visited. I recently added more tokens and will continue to do so as I visit more places. The tokens are metal but add very little weight to the Wanderchain. My goal is to fill it up!

Wow, thanks so much to your friend for starting your collection and thanks to you for continuing to add to it, Gina! We're cheering on you and your goal

The Wander Club
Sarah Hancock
Love to Wander!!

I have nobody’s for Christmas presents for about five people and everybody loves them, including myself. The tokens are the perfect size and we can just keep adding to our collection

Wow, merry Christmas and happy New Year to you, Sarah! We hope everyone have lots of fun with their collections

Great, meaningful gift!!

I am so happy to have come across the Wander Club! In 2019, my 30 yr old son hiked the Appalachian Trail. He didn't hike a portion, he hiked the COMPLETE trail from Georgia to Maine. He came off the trail long enough to go into towns to stock his supplies. But he lived on the trail for 5 months and 10 days! Only 20% of the people who set out the thru hike the trail are successful! Quite an accomplishment! When I saw this, I knew it would be a great way to recognize his time on the trail and future hikes!! I had a couple of custom pieces made. "TRAIL LIFE" and AT THRU HIKE 2019". I also added a piece for each state he hiked thru and placed them on the ring in hike order. I got the green leather to symbolize his walk thru nature, 2,021 miles!! My son loved it! I plan to add more in the future as he hikes other places! I also plan to start a ring for my granddaughter for National Parks and other notable destinations that she travels too!

Wow, this is such a legendary collection, DeVona. Your son is a hiking superstar! Thanks so much for choosing The Wander Club collection to commemorate his hikes, and we look forward to make more tokens for him, for your granddaughter and for you too!