Best Travel Gifts for Her: 30+ Suggestions

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It's not always easy to shop for frequent travelers and adventure enthusiasts. While diamonds may be some girls’ best friends, flashy and impractical gifts are not for everyone.

Whether you need ideas for your mom, sister, wife, daughter, bestie, co-worker, or any other female whose love language is wanderlust, we've put together over 30 suggestions for the best travel gifts for her. 

32 of the Best Travel Gifts for Her

When shopping for the best travel gifts for her (even if "her" is actually yourself!), we've got some great suggestions for the globetrotting gal. 

1. The Wander Club Travel Tokens

Regardless of what type of travel gifts for women you're looking for, it's hard to beat one that's personalized, stylish, and affordable. 

Travel Tokens from The Wander Club fit the bill perfectly, checking every one of those boxes. Choose from tons of options including national parks, major landmarks, baseball stadiums, countries, cities, or even completely custom options. 

Pro gift-giving tip: have the backs of the tokens stamped with a personal message or date to make this travel gift for women even better!

A Wanderchain and several Travel Tokens from The Wander Club, some of the best travel gifts for her

2. The Wander Club Wanderchain

Whether she uses it as a keychain or attaches it to her favorite bag, a Wanderchain makes one of the best travel gifts for her.


They're super stylish and easy to attach, then re-attach, to anything you want, plus, when they're loaded up with Travel Tokens, they also make an awesome conversation starter!

We make Wanderchains from genuine leather and offer vegan options, and even have some made from vintage baseball gloves! There's truly one for every taste and personality, which is why these make some of the best travel gifts for women.

A woman's black purse with a Wanderchain attached, one of the best travel gifts for her

3. Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is another wonderful gift for a female traveler, something that can be tailored to her personality and style. Of course, it has a practical use, too: no one ever hopes their luggage gets lost or delayed, but a luggage tag can help you find it quickly if that does happen.

4. Travel-themed Jewelry

Even when they're sitting at home, oftentimes frequent travelers are daydreaming of their last adventure or mentally planning out the next one. 

A piece of travel-themed jewelry, like The Wander Club's Globe & Compass Necklace or our Mantra Cuff, can help keep your gal inspired between trips. And with multiple colors available, it's one of the best travel gifts for women!


5. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What’s a trip without your favorite jams? Portable Bluetooth speakers are some of the best travel gifts for her, allowing your gal to stream music any time, anywhere. 

6. Travel adapter

Staying plugged in — literally and figuratively — is a must while traveling. A travel adapter allows you to charge devices no matter where you are in the world.

7. Travel Pillow

Whether traveling by plane, train, or car, a travel pillow is one of the best travel gifts for her. No one should have to sacrifice comfort for the journey! Choose an inflatable option to easily store when not in use.

8. Noise Cancelling Headphones

She’ll really get away on her next getaway with high-performance noise-cancelling headphones. These block out background noise, making it easier to rest, concentrate, or just enjoy music.

A traveler in an airport wearing a pair of headphones, one of the best travel gifts for her

9. Portable Door Lock

Looking for travel gifts for her that are totally practical? Portable door locks easily attach to any door and can only be opened from the inside. This really is one of the best travel gifts for women, especially solo travelers.

10. Portable Phone Charger

Travel can be especially hard on device batteries, especially if you take a lot of pictures or video. Stay powered up with a portable phone charger. Many models are even solar-powered, so you don't need to worry about charging the charger itself.

11. Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

The sustainability-minded woman will love the practicality of a self-cleaning water bottle. Reusable and self-cleaning, it cuts down on single-use plastic bottles and eliminates the hassle of constantly needing to clean a bottle. Hey, a girl's gotta hydrate!

12. Smartphone Tripod

By far one of the best travel gifts for her is a smartphone tripod (bonus: many double as selfie sticks!). Even on solo trips, this handy device lets you capture photos from the perfect angle. Because what’s a good vacation without selfies and food pics?

13. Streaming Dongle

Some of the best travel gifts for her let a woman keep up with her favorite shows and movies. Plug this little gadget into a TV or laptop where there's Wi-Fi and voila

14. Vaccine Card Holder

Many travel destinations require proof of various vaccinations, so it's a good idea to keep this information organized and easily accessible

15. Personal Water Filter

Especially for outdoorsy gals and those who frequently travel internationally, a personal water filter is one of the best travel gifts for her. This handy compact device ensures you always have clean, safe water anywhere in the world.

Someone pumping a personal water filter, one of the best travel gifts for her

16. E-Reader or Tablet

Access to a good book or streaming content can help make long trips more enjoyable. As an added bonus, e-readers and tablets fit in carry-on luggage and many don't rely on wi-fi.

17. Pocket Voice Translator

A pocket voice translator helps your favorite gal pal break language barriers wherever she roams, fitting conveniently in a pocket or purse.

18. Mobile Hotspot

A mobile hotspot keeps her connected just about anywhere, wi-fi or no wi-fi. It’s one of the best travel gifts for women, especially digital nomads and those on business trips. 

19. Hanging Luggage Scale

Another practical choice on our list of the best travel gifts for her, a luggage scale takes the guesswork out of weighing luggage and can save money on baggage fees.

20. Sleep Mask

Getting rest is an essential part of a great vacation. She’ll fall asleep more easily with a light-blocking sleep mask.

21. Travel Blow Dryer

Sometimes that hotel blow dryer just doesn’t cut it (if the hotel even has one to begin with!). A compact foldable blow dryer fits neatly in a purse or carry-on bag, making it one of the best travel gifts for women.

22. Portable Coffeemaker

Every caffeine-loving (or addicted, whatev!) woman deserves a good cuppa Joe on vacation, and we all know that most hotel coffeemakers are so-so at best. Even camping coffee can be sub-par without the right brewer, and this travel gift for her fixes that.

A portable espresso maker sitting on a table, one of the best travel gifts for her

23. Luxury Bath Robe

With a luxurious bath robe, she can bring spa-like comfort everywhere she travels. This isn't necessarily the most practical when it comes to travel gifts for her, but will be much appreciated!

24. Anti-Theft Travel Purse

Frequent travelers, especially solo travelers, will appreciate the built-in safety factor an anti-theft travel purse provides. It's slash-resistant, waterproof, lockable, and contains RFID-blocking card holders to protect credit and debit cards.

25. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes help keep everything organized and allow you to fit more into luggage. Giving these as travel gifts for women is guaranteed to be a home run!

27. Headlamp

Let there be light, even when it’s dark. Headlamps are associated mostly with outdoor pursuits, but they're useful in any setting and great to have on hand in case of emergency. 

28. Action Camera

Action cameras are among the very best travel gifts for her, capturing high-quality video and images to share or simply relive the highlights.

29. Portable Hammock

There is perhaps no better travel gift for women than a portable or travel hammock. They're packable and attach easily to trees, providing a comfy relaxation spot just about anywhere. 

A woman with a hat partially covering her face dozing in a hammock, one of the best travel gifts for women

30. Handheld GPS Device

Navigating is a must for safe exploration in a new place, and cell phone signal or data isn't always reliable. This handheld GPS device fits comfortably in the hands and stores easily in a purse, fanny pack, or tote.

31. Airline Gift Card

You might not be able to pay for her trip entirely, but you can help her make a dent in it with a gift card for her favorite airline. 

32. Travel Blanket

Take some literal comfort and softness along for flights, road trips, or camping. Most are packable and extremely rugged. 

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