12 Baseball Gift Ideas Sure to be a Home Run

Four baseballs lying in grass with a red rectangle and the words "12 baseball gift ideas sure to be a home run"

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but today, we’re talking about different kinds of diamonds — baseball diamonds. 

This type of diamond holds a special place in many hearts, as baseball is something akin to religion for many fans. Often referred to as “America’s pastime,” it truly is a symbol of American culture

Whether you yourself are a baseball fan or not, you likely know at least one person who eats, sleeps, and breathes the sport. Here are some baseball gift ideas for those fans in your life.

12 Grand Slam Baseball Gift Ideas

We’ve put together several baseball gift ideas to cover birthdays, holidays, team celebrations, and other special occasions. 

1. The Wander Club Baseball Stadium Tokens

It's safe to say that most avid baseball fans like to proudly display their passion. One great way to do that is by gifting Baseball Stadium Tokens from The Wander Club.


Whether to commemorate all the stadiums your recipient has been to or all the other teams they've seen their favorite team defeat, Baseball Stadium Tokens are one of the best baseball gift ideas. Best of all, they're customizable, so you can even have a date or another meaningful message engraved on the back!

A Wanderchain and Travel Tokens from The Wander Club displayed with some other great baseball gift ideas

2. Baseball Glove Wanderchain

Trust us, this unique and high-quality little item packs a tremendous punch and is guaranteed to be one of the best baseball gift ideas!


Each of the Baseball Glove Wanderchains is repurposed from authentic vintage MLB leather gloves, handcrafted to be of the utmost quality. No two are exactly alike and there are ways to customize them, such as adding a monogram. 

This is the perfect way to display Travel Tokens and is an excellent conversation starter, too!

Several baseball glove wanderchains from The Wander Club piled up, one of the best baseball gift ideas

3. Personalized Baseball Bat

A personalized baseball bat is one way to (literally!) hit a home run when it comes to gift-giving. Instead of giving just a regular ol’ bat, why not have your recipient’s name or initials engraved onto it in favorite team colors? This makes a great baseball gift idea, especially as a graduation present or a token of appreciation for being part of your wedding.

4. Baseball Whiskey Glasses

If the baseball fans you know like to enjoy the occasional adult beverage, baseball-themed glassware is one of the best baseball gift ideas. Look for team glasses or even baseball-shaped glasses complete with seam stitching. 

5. Official MLB Baseball and Display Case

What’s a better gift for a fan than an official Major League Major League baseball?! This is an excellent baseball gift whether the recipient wants to use it to collect autographs from their favorite players, actually play with it, or proudly display it.

6. Home Plate Mousepad

A home plate-shaped mousepad is one of the more fun and unique baseball gift ideas, especially now as so many people work from home and can put their own stamp on their offices. Wherever it gets used, this mousepad brings the fun of the national pastime to your “home base.” 

7. Baseball Throw Blanket

Whether catching the game at the stadium or from the comfort of the couch, baseball is better with a cozy team blanket. It’s a great way to show some love for your favorite team or sports icons, plus makes a great decorative piece for a game room, man cave, or “she-shed.”

8. PopSocket Phone Grip

Help your receipient get a grip (on their smartphone, anyway) with a baseball-themed PopSocket. There are several options, including team PopSockets and those designed to look like a baseball with red stitching. It’s also perfect for propping up a device to watch the big game.

9. Baseball 3D Night Light

Little baseball fans (and those who are “little” at heart) will love a 3D baseball night light, making it one of the best baseball gift ideas. It’s bright enough for use as a bedside lamp for storytime and soft enough for a peaceful glow that prevents total darkness, and you can find options ranging from team logos to depictions of players. 

10. Baseball Glove Keychain

When you think about it, literally just about everyone carries a keychain. We all need to stay somewhat organized, after all! Whether you choose a baseball, a mitt, a bat, or something specific to a team, your favorite fan will appreciate this small reminder of their favorite sport. 

11. Ballpark Traveler's Map

Some people collect baseball cards, while others collect players’ autographs. A ballpark traveler’s map is one of the best baseball gift ideas for the fan who wants to keep track of all the stadiums they’ve visited. Choose from sticker or scratch-off maps and be prepared to hold the title of best gift-giver!

12. Tickets to a Baseball Game

Last but certainly not least, one of the best baseball gift ideas is tickets to a game! It’s truly the perfect gift for any occasion and as a bonus, you may actually be invited to tag along if you’re lucky!

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