10 Best Gifts for Map Lovers

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Maps are a wonderful representation of travel, history, and the incredible world around us. And of course, maps also make quite beautiful and unique home decor or gifts

If you’re shopping for a map lover (which, yes, can absolutely include yourself!), we’ve got you covered with 10 of the best gifts for map lovers, sure to please anyone from true cartophiles to casual map admirers. 

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Awesome Gifts for Map Lovers

Are you searching for some unique, memorable gifts for map lovers? Here are 10 map-themed gift ideas that are sure to be a hit!

A brown leather Wanderchain with several Travel Tokens from The Wander Club, some of the best gifts for map lovers

1. The Wander Club Travel Tokens

One of the absolute best gifts for map lovers is a few (or more!) Travel Tokens from The Wander Club.

With options for different continents, countries, cities, U.S. national parks, oceans, sports stadiums, and even 100% customizable tokens, the options are truly  limitless! 

Our Travel Tokens are lightweight, high-quality (made from surgical-grade stainless-steel and with a lifetime warranty!), durable, and represent all of the amazing places the map lover in your life has been or aspires to visit. 

2. Token Holder from The Wander Club

If you're already getting some Travel Tokens, a Token Holder from The Wander Club is a must! With a variety of options including the popular Wanderchain, this stylish holder organizes and cleverly displays your Travel Tokens, really solidifying this as one of the best gifts for map lovers! 

Our elegant, leather Wanderchains evoke that same alluring feel as a leather-bound map or antique globe, except they serve the dual purpose of a great way to display Travel Tokens!

Not only are Wanderchains sleek and handmade, but you can also choose from a variety of colors and styles. You can even personalize them with a phrase or dates, to perfectly suit the map lovers in your life. 

Alternatively, we also have several styles of travel necklaces so your map lover can proudly wear their new travel tokens. 

Psst....Wanderchains also make awesome unique travel souvenirs!

3. Vintage Map

Another one of the very best gifts for map lovers is a vintage map. Vintage maps are intriguing pieces of history, and there's a distinct romance about these gateways to our past. 

Etsy and Ebay both have a great selection of authentic vintage maps. Another great place to look is your local thrift stores. 

A hand scratching off different areas on a scratch map, one of the best gifts for map lovers

4. Scratch-off Map

For something truly one-of-a-kind that's also interactive (not to mention keeps on giving!), another fantastic gift for map lovers is a scratch-off map.

Etsy is a wonderful place to start, with several unique options including world scratch-off maps, country maps, US National Parks, and many others! 

5. Map-Themed Travel Tumbler

If the map lover in your life tends to enjoy their morning coffee or tea on the go, consider gifting them a map-themed travel tumbler! Not only can they bring this practical gift along on their adventures, it's also sure to inspire wanderlust with every sip. 

6. Etched Map Glasses

Keeping with the drink theme, another one of the best gifts for map lovers who also enjoy the occasional adult beverage is a set of etched map glasses. There are excellent options for wine glasses, whiskey glasses, and pint glasses. 

7. Map Jewelry

Shopping for a map lover who also has a great sense of style? Get them a gift they can wear! Consider items like map necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. 

Three globe ornaments, some of the best gifts for map lovers

8. Globe Ornament

Globe or map-themed ornaments are festive, fun, and functional! They’re the perfect gifts for map lovers and they can even double as home decor! 

Once again, Etsy is a fantastic place to start your search, with a massive variety of ornaments featuring maps and globes. There are also tons of options for customizing your ornaments!

9. Map Journal

One of the more thoughtful and truly unique gifts for map lovers is a map journal. The covers of these journals depict a variety of different maps or a map for a specific location, and it’s also a very practical gift, as the recipient can use it to keep track of important thoughts and memories. 

10. Map Decor

Another fun gift for map lovers is something they can proudly display in their homes! Both Amazon and Etsy have a great selection of elegant map-themed decor items. Think throw pillows, wall art, rugs, globe paperweights for desks, clocks, and more.



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