15 Best NYC Souvenirs to Pick up in the Big Apple

A busy street scene in New York with a yellow taxi and people walking, with a red rectangle and the words "We Heart NY: 15 Best NYC Souvenirs" in white

Fast-paced New York City is a world-renowned food destination; one of the best cities for sightseeing and shopping (for everything from NYC souvenirs to luxury handbags!); a major arts, cultural, and sports hub, and one of the best places in the world to people-watch. 

After taking in a Broadway show, seeing the Statue of Liberty, climbing the Empire State Building, visiting any of the world-famous museums, and eating all the food, don’t forget to pick up some NYC souvenirs as a reminder of your Big Apple experience. 

15 Exciting NYC Souvenirs

Consider picking up some of these best NYC souvenirs on your next trip to buzzing New York. 

1. The Wander Club NYC Travel Token

The absolute best NYC souvenirs are the ones you won't necessarily see on every street corner. The New York City Travel Token from The Wander Club is a perfect example!



These sleek, stylish little tokens perfectly commemorate your Big Apple visit. You can even have yours personalized on the back with the date you visited or something else to remember the trip by, making it a more meaningful souvenir. 



2. The Wander Club Token Holders

You're going to need a way to display your shiny new NYC Travel Token! Our Shop Token Holders provide several attractive ways to do that, whether you choose a Wanderchain or a necklace



As a bonus, a Wanderchain with Travel Tokens isn't the type of souvenir that will get shoved into a drawer or closet, or only remembered once or twice a year. Your Travel Tokens can stay with you wherever you go, serving as a living travel journal!

A Wanderchain surrounded by stickers, all excellent ideas for NYC souvenirs

3. NYC Snow Globe

Even if you're not visiting Manhattan during the holidays, a snow globe is one of the most classic NYC souvenirs! Pick one with the iconic skyline or famous landmarks and keep the snow globe somewhere you'll see it often.

4. I Heart NY T-shirt

Give us all the "I Heart/Love NY" souvenirs! A t-shirt bearing that simple black font and bold red heart is one of the most iconic NYC souvenirs out there.

A man looking into a street vendor stand with several NYC souvenirs

5. I Love NY Magnet

A New York-themed fridge magnet (or vehicle magnet or whatever magnet!) is fun, inexpensive, lightweight, and suitable for literally anyone. Basically, it's one of the best NYC souvenirs! 

6. I Heart NY Mug or Cup

Another classic, whether you're bringing this one home for yourself or gifting it. Particularly if you're sipping from a I Heart NY coffee mug, you'll be reminded of the city that never sleeps every time you take a drink.

7. Official Yankees Baseball Cap

The New York Yankees' logo is the ultimate ode to the Big Apple and wearing one of the caps is a favorite way for locals to express love for their city. This classic is an excellent NYC souvenir even for people who don't follow baseball closely. 

Psst...have you seen our collection of limited-edition MLB Baseball Stadium Tokens?


8. Yellow Taxi Toy Car

Classic yellow cabs are synonymous with New York. Pick up a little toy car or even an ornament and display it for a fun, cheerful bit of nostalgia. 

A toy classic yellow taxi cab sitting on a sidewalk

9. Broadway NYC T-Shirt

Pick up a Broadway NYC t-shirt to commemorate a favorite production or support a local artist who designs them. This is one of the best NYC souvenirs because not only is it fun and meaningful, but it's also a great conversation starter!

10. NYC LEGO Set

LEGO undoubtedly makes some of the coolest, most elaborate, and unique gifts — including NYC souvenirs. With sets including the Manhattan skyline and Statue of Liberty, this makes an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys puzzles and creating. 

11. New York Knicks Basketball Jersey

It's no secret that New Yorkers love their hometown sports teams. The Knicks' iconic orange and blue team colors make a unique and memorable NYC souvenir that anyone will love!

12. New York-style Bagels

There's truly nothing in the world like authentic New York-style bagels. Although they aren't traditional NYC souvenirs, pick up a dozen (or just a few, if space is an issue) from your favorite corner bagel shop.

13. Statue of Liberty or Empire State Building Figurine

Lady Liberty is very literally a shining example of one of the best NYC souvenirs. Even if you don't make it out to Ellis Island on your visit, a classic figurine perfectly embodies the spirit of New York. 

Several Statue of Liberty figurines, some of the bext NYC souvenirs to buy

14. New York Photography Coffee Table Book

If you're looking for a sophisticated NYC souvenir, a photography-focused coffee table book is an excellent choice. 

15. Classic NYC Tote Bag

Tote bags are a must for running errands and shopping in NYC. Grab one or two with the classic I Heart NY logo for perfect, simple NYC souvenirs. 

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