10 Travel Keychains That Make Great Gifts

Two brown Wanderchains with Travel Tokens against a wood background and an orange rectangle with white letters saying "10 Best & Most Unique Travel Keychains"


Author J.R.R. Tolkien once wrote the now-famous quote, “Not all who wander are lost.” Those who understand the joy of the journey would certainly agree with Tolkien’s statement.

There’s a whole lot of world to see and such limited time to actually see it. Collecting meaningful mementos of our travels, however (i.e.; souvenirs), is a nice way to remember that time or get inspired for the next adventure. 

Travel keychains, in particular, work wonderfully as souvenirs. They're small, fun, and inexpensive, but they're also conversation starters and quite versatile. For example, you can use travel keychains as ornaments or hang one from your vehicle's rear-view mirror. Here, we take a look at 10 great ones, whether they're for you or someone else. 

10 Best Travel Keychains

Show your favorite jetsetters some appreciation with travel keychains they’ll love. Psst...it's totally okay if your "favorite jetsetter" is yourself!

1. The Wander Club Wanderchain

A brown Wanderchain, one of the best travel keychains, from The Wander Club, on top of a map near a passport

Show off your adventures with a beautiful Wanderchain from The Wander Club. Each Wanderchain includes a keyring that holds up to 40 Travel Tokens (more on those below!), or you can add a split ring to hold up to 80!

Your travel buddy will love this unique gift, which is cut, stitched, stamped, and even edge-painted by hand in Los Angeles. Wanderchains are made of attractive full-grain, sustainably sourced, vegetable-tanned leather that looks even more beautiful over time. Don't worry; we have vegan options, too!

Best of all, Wanderchains are customizable. Add a two-letter monogram, and it will be hand-stamped onto the back!

2. Country Tokens From The Wander Club

Someone holding up a brown Wanderchain travel keychain in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Germany

Globetrotters love to keep track of all the countries they’ve been to, and Country Tokens from The Wander Club are a wonderful way to visually show them off. We have tokens featuring nearly 200 nations from around the world!

Made from surgical-grade stainless steel, each Country Token features the name of a country engraved on one side. They're excellent for reminiscing about some of your favorite trips to other parts of the world, plus they may help strike up a conversation about adventures with a nearby friend or stranger. 

Pro gift-giving tip: Personalize each token by having the back side engraved. Add the trip date or something else that signifies the trip!

3. International Travel-themed Keychain

Your adventure-loving giftee will appreciate a travel keychain with a fun global theme. Look for one with a passport, a compass, or an international suitcase covered in customs stickers, or perhaps a keychain featuring more than one! 

4. DIY Flag Keychain

A nice addition to any Wanderchain and Travel Tokens combo is colorful flag charms. Typically dangling from a traditional travel keychain, you can remove these from their original ring and add them to your Wanderchain.

Consider layering them, so you have a colorful country or state flag charm alongside one of our silver Travel Tokens. 

5. 'Joy in the Journey' Compass Keychain

Sometimes (often!), the destination truly is the journey and getting there ("there" being literally anywhere) is half the fun. This stainless-steel travel keychain features a compass charm, as well as another with the message, "Find joy in the journey.”

6. Map Keychain

Go geographic with a map-themed travel keychain from anywhere in the world. These keychains often feature a colorful, close-in map highlighting a specific place in your favorite city, or a more borad map of a state or nation. 

There are also DIY projects you can do using real vintage maps to create custom travel keychains. 

7. Anchor Keychain

Anchors aweigh! We often think of travel as strictly involving planes, trains, or automobiles (who gets the reference?! Anyone?), and it's easy to overlook boats. If you have a water enthusiast to shop for, opt for a travel keychain with some nautical flair.

8. Adventure Awaits Travel Key Fob

Made of 100% cotton and reinforced, this travel key fob combines the beauty of a traditional vintage map with the beloved message, "Adventure Awaits." Sure to appeal to wanderers of every stripe, this travel keychain can also be worn around the wrist for added practicality. 

9. Long Distance Keychain Pair

Miss that favorite someone a little less by sharing matching long-distance keychains. One example we came across is an airplane charm and a pendant with the message, “Always Under the Same Sky” with a graphic of a paper airplane. These travel keychains are sold in pairs, so you can each have one. 

10. Personalized Travel Keychain

Regardless of your budget or personal taste, or where you get a travel keychain from, the best one will always be a personalized one. It could be anything from a simple airplane or map charm hanging from a key ring, or a Wanderchain with several Travel Tokens, but one way to elevate it instantly is having it personalized. 

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