12 Best Gifts for Baseball Lovers

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Baseball may be played seasonally, but its roots run deep all year long. It has such a rich, strong culture that in many ways, it's almost its own way of life in some regards!

If you have a baseball fan to shop for, whether it's for an upcoming holiday or birthday, a just-because gift for a player on a team you coach (or your coach, for that matter!), or a young, budding athlete you want to encourage, this guide to the best gifts for baseball lovers is just for you!

Awesome Gifts for Baseball Lovers

Looking for ideas for the best gifts for baseball lovers, and you don't want to give the same-old, generic items? We've got you covered, with over a dozen baseball-themed gift ideas!

Several Baseball Glove Wanderchains from The Wander Club, with Baseball Stadium Tokens, some of the best gifts for baseball lovers

1. Wanderchain & Baseball Stadium Tokens From The Wander Club

No matter what "type" of baseball fan you're shopping for — whether they grew up playing Little League and have become the most devoted fans of the hometown team or they only occasionally follow the stats but are always up for catching a game in person — this bundled gift is one of the very best gifts for baseball lovers. 

Pick out a few Baseball Stadium Tokens, perhaps of favorite or local teams, then organize and display them on a one-of-a-kind Baseball Glove Wanderchain, repurposed from authentic vintage American baseball gloves. 


Not only is this baseball keychain gift unique and special in a variety of ways, but you can even personalize it with a hand-stamped, custom two-letter monogram. This is one baseball gift your recipient will surely never stop bragging about or showing off, and they can continue to add to it over time! Talk about a Grand Slam!

2. Tickets to a Baseball Game

What could possibly top tickets to an in-person game? There are few experiences more classically American, and it's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening. This one is sure to be a baseball gift they remember forever!

3. Autographed Baseball or Bat

One of the absolute best gifts for baseball lovers, especially those who cheer for a certain team or even a specific player, is an autographed baseball or bat. 

You can order these items online, but for the best possible experience (on both the gifter's and the giftee's ends!), put in the extra effort and try to have one of these items signed in person. Teams often open their practices to the public, which is a great time to try to flag a player down for a signature. Good luck!

4. Baseball Cap

You certainly can't ever go wrong with gifting a new baseball cap featuring a favorite team! Hats really are one of those items that people can never have too many of, as they're worn in such a wide variety of scenarios.

They also work well as a substitute for a baseball glove, in the event you need to catch a surprise foul ball at a game!

5. Baseball Jersey

Another can't-miss idea for one of the best gifts for baseball lovers is a baseball jersey. Whether the person you give it to will proudly wear it all the time, or would prefer to display it somewhere in their home or office as a sort of decor, a jersey is one of our go-to baseball gifts. 

6. Baseball Stadium Map

Baseball road trips are a huge "thing," and even if the person you're shopping for hasn't taken their own just yet, this gift is sure to be a hit. 

These attractive maps allow you to keep track of all the various baseball stadiums you've visited. There are quite a few styles to choose from, including maps with baseball-shaped stickers as markers, push-pin maps, and unique puzzle-style maps

7. Baseball Glove 

One of the most classic and practical, best gifts for baseball lovers is a baseball glove. This is an excellent choice whether the person you're gifting it to actually plays baseball or strictly enjoys the game as a spectator. 

An upgraded glove is always a much-appreciated gesture, and you just never know when you may need to catch a foul ball at a game in person! For bonus brownie points, have a favorite player sign the glove before you give it as a gift. 

8. Personalized Bat

Looking for a more thoughtful, custom baseball-themed gift? Consider giving a personalized baseball bat. 

This can be either a full-sized, "real" bat that your recipient can actually play the game with, or a replica or even miniature bat just for display. If you're shopping for a child, you can also get a personalized toy or inflatable bat to encourage the youngest athletes. 

9. Bat- or Ball-shaped Glassware

Novelty glasses are easily some of the best gifts for baseball lovers. Whether your giftee drinks nothing but water or has a penchant for coffee or a certain cocktail, this present is sure to be a grand slam. 

10. Clothing Featuring Baseballs

Baseball-themed clothing is an excellent gift for any sports fan. It's easy on the wallet, can be worn all year and to anywhere, and you don't even necessarily have to know which team the person you're shopping for is loyal to. 

Choose casual socks or a t-shirt for everyday wear, or pick something they can wear to the office with a button-up shirt or tie covered in baseballs or bats. 

11. Holiday Ornament 

A celebratory baseball ornament is a wonderful gift, regardless of which holidays the recipient celebrates. Hang a bat, baseball, or stadium-specific ornament from a Christmas tree, or use it as unique wall decor!

12. Baseball-themed Board Game

Whether the fan you're shopping for is a child or an adult, one of the best gifts for baseball lovers is a classic board game. Non-electronic, traditional games are somewhat nostalgic, giving a nod to baseball's status as America's long-running favorite pastime

Amazon has a great selection of unique games, including the made-in-the-USA What About Baseball and a fun stadium-themed game that has a spring-loaded bat to mimic realistic baseball action. 


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