Hit a Home Run With These 9 Baseball Glove Keychains

A worn-looking baseball glove holding a bat, a blue rectangle super-imposed over it, and the worlds "9 awesome baseball glove keychains"

For baseball fans, baseball glove keychains are the perfect items to display team spirit. Whether you're giving a baseball-themed gift to that special someone who loves being taken out to the ball game or you're looking for a little something for yourself, consider a keychain. 

Practical gifts that also have some personal meaning are often the best. A keychain keeps keys organized, gives a nod to America's pastime, and lets you show team support. Plus, it's inexpensive and stylish. Win-win! Take a look at nine of the coolest baseball glove keychains. 

9 Cool Baseball Glove Keychains

Show your favorite team a little love with these awesome baseball glove keychains. 

1. Baseball Glove Wanderchain

Three baseball glove keychains with Stadium Tokens surrounding them on a wooden table

Keep things organized with a baseball glove Wanderchain from The Wander Club. Hand-crafted from repurposed vintage American baseball gloves, each Wanderchain has a unique design with the look, feel, and smell of baseball glove leather.



Designed to hold keys or up to 40 Stadium Tokens, Wanderchains are extremely practical baseball glove keychains, and no two look the same. Add an even more unique personalized touch with a two-letter monogram and transport the recipient to their favorite stadium for the big game.

2. Baseball Stadium Tokens

Several The Wander Club stadium tokens on a baseball glove

Some die-hard fans are proud of all the various Major League Baseball stadiums and parks they’ve visited on baseball road trips (rightfully so!). The Wander Club's Baseball Stadium Tokens are the perfect collectibles to show these off. 



Each token is made from durable, surgical-quality stainless steel and engraved with the name of a baseball stadium. You can even have the back engraved to specify the dates of your visit, making them even more collectible!

3. Baseball Keychain With Charms

No one ever said baseball glove keychains have to be just a glove. A keychain with charms makes a great keepsake, displaying things like a bat, baseball, cap, ball, or (of course!), glove. 

4. Baseball Glove Keychains with a Ball and Bat

Keychains displaying all the sport's core items really show off your passion for watching the game! These also make great gifts for children who are just getting into baseball themselves. 

5. Baseball Mom Keychain

For a coach, a team mom, or an enthusiastic baseball booster, a "baseball mom" keychain is a thoughtful little gift, offering jewelry-like quality and style. She'll proudly use it for her keys or display it on a purse or other bag. 

6. Inspirational Baseball Key Rings 

Inspire friends, family members, teammates, or employees with this a baseball glove keychain that has inspirational messages on one side. For gift-giving in particular, this is perfect because it's lightweight yet durable, unisex, and appropriate for almost any age group. They also attach easily to belt loops, bags, water bottles, and more. 

7. Baseball Glove Keychain

A metal baseball glove-shaped keychain is the perfect keepsake for baseball enthusiasts. Featuring intricate etched details on both side of the glove, it’s a classic little keepsake sure to stand the test of time. 

8. Baseball Keychain With Personalized Engraving

Anything personalized, whether it's a gift or something for yourself, will always have a little extra meaning. Some keychains can be engraved or embroidered with a name, or there's space to add one yourself. This is ideal for someone who appreciates a personal touch. 

9. Rawlings Circle R Baseball Glove Keychain

Baseball fans and players alike will recognize the iconic Rawlings “Circle R” logo on baseball glove keychains. Look for the signature genuine Rawlings brown leather and iconic logo and you know you've found something any fan will love. 


Is it possible to get tokens for the baseball glove key chain engraved with the team names instead of the stadium names? Or the team name with the stadium name below or on the back side of the token?

Deb September 18, 2023

Where are the baseball stadium tokens?? I need to order the keychain and 30 tokens

Mary June 16, 2023

My boyfriend has been collecting the baseball tokens, but you’ve discontinued them… Very disappointed and now this whole collection that he’s started feels like a total waste. Will you be offering these again or do you have any we can purchase?

Katie May 09, 2023

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