Don't Forget These 10 Baseball Road Trip Essentials

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To die-hard baseball fans, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” isn’t just a catchy anthem reserved for the seventh-inning stretch; it’s a way of life. In fact, true baseball enthusiasts will follow their team just about anywhere.

Planning the ultimate baseball road trip to root for one's favorite team or even to check out some of the MLB's oldest stadiums isn't at all uncommon. Having the right gear, though, makes every trip better.

With that in mind, here are 10 baseball road trip essentials to stock up on before you hit the road. 

A baseball lying on a field at a stadium, one of the sights you'll see on a baseball road trip

10 Must-Haves for Baseball Road Trips  

Hit it out of the park with these 10 baseball road trip essentials, with everything from souvenirs to entertainment ideas and strictly practical items. 

1. Baseball Stadium Tokens

Baseball stadiums are iconic symbols of the sport, and baseball stadium tokens make excellent baseball road trip essentials (not to mention great gifts for the faithful fan!).

Each token is made of high-quality stainless steel and has the name of an MLB stadium engraved on one side. The tokens are collectible, serving as a steadfast reminder of a true fan’s love of the game and their favorite team.

You won’t find anything like this one-of-a-kind item at a stadium gift shop, so treat yourself (or a fellow baseball lover!).

Pro gift-giving tip: Add a unique and personal touch by engraving the date you visited that stadium on the reverse side.

A Wanderchain made from a repurposed baseball glove and several tokens, all baseball road trip essentials

2. Token Holder From The Wander Club

The best way to collect and show off those shiny new baseball stadium tokens is with a token holder. From Wanderchains to necklaces, The Wander Club's token holders stylishly display up to 40 tokens.

Best of all, we even have Baseball Glove Wanderchains, made from repurposed vintage American baseball gloves! That means no two are exactly alike and each one has a unique history. 

Pro gift-giving tip: Split rings can hold up to 40 tokens, so buy a second one to collect even more!

3. “The Great Baseball Road Trip” Book

Longtime baseball enthusiast Lyndon Suvanto traveled across North America to witness every single MLB team play at their home stadium.

In his book, The Great Baseball Road Trip, Suvanto recounts his 66-day, life-affirming trip with his friend. It's hard to imagine something more appropriate for baseball road trip essentials! 

4. Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Games

On your way to the next stadium, switch up the singalongs and the silence with some fun road trip scavenger hunt games.

There are all sorts of variations including printable paper games and digital apps, and many are free! For major brownie points, look for baseball-themed games. 

They're often geared toward children, but you might be surprised at how much fun they can be for adults — which is part of what makes them top baseball road trip essentials!

5. Car Backseat Organizer

Car organizers hang on the back of a vehicle's seats, providing much-needed storage and organization for snacks, toys, books, and even trash for passengers. After all, no one likes to ride in a messy or cluttered vehicle! 

6. Matching Team Clothing

The best road trips are also the most comfortable ones. And the best baseball fans are the ones decked out in team gear. That's precisely why a set of matching t-shirts, jerseys, baseball caps, or even socks is one of our must-have baseball road trip essentials! 

When you get out of the car or pull up next to someone, there will be no doubt about the purpose of your trip.

7. Vehicle Power Inverter and Charger

Switching gears to a purely practical item, a vehicle power inverter and charger will ensure your devices are always powered up (i.e.; ready to snap plenty of photos and record video!). 

8. Stadium-themed Road Trip Snacks

What's a road trip without good snacks, anyway? Get in the team spirit before you even hit the road by stocking up on fun baseball stadium-themed snacks.

Think peanuts in the shell, red licorice, sunflower seeds, old-school bubble gum, and buttered popcorn!

The cover of Moon's Baseball Road Trips Guide Book, a book that's one of the best baseball road trips essentials

9. Baseball Road Trips Guide Book

Moon's Baseball Road Trips Guide Book is the unquestionable authority in travel guides (and one of our go-to baseball gift ideas in general!).

You'll enjoy learning all sorts of fun stuff about MLB stadiums, from the best food and drinks near each of them to how to score tickets on the cheap and so much more. 

10. Travel Pillow

It can be challenging to catch some decent shut-eye when you're away from home, whether it's on a road trip or a long flight. A good travel pillow is one of our favorite baseball road trip essentials for this very reason and as a bonus, they're perfect gifts for frequent travelers, too. 


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