Sky Wanderchain (Vegan)

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Sky Wanderchain (Vegan)

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Keep all your travel memories in one place with this high-quality Token Holder!

  • Dimensions: 5.75" x 1"
  • Silver Foil on logo
  • Slide up to 40 tokens on yourself. (80 tokens w/ 2 split rings)
  • Lifetime Guarantee!

    Can we just brag about how we make these for a second? :)

    This one-of-a-kind masterpiece was cut, stitched, stamped, and edge painted by our skilled team of crafters.

    Our vegan leatherette is thick and durable, just like real leather.

    The hardware is made from solid brass w/ nickel plating. It's so luxurious that even Burberry uses it on their bags.

    Do we use the best and most expensive materials? Yes.

    Will you be blown away by the final product? YES!

    Your Wanderchain was built to last and travel the world with you.

    Choose your favorite color above! ☝️

    *Tokens sold separately

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 865 reviews
    Lindsay Ryan
    Tokens are tiny

    I ordered a keychain and 5 tokens for my best friend’s birthday because she loves to travel and this year went to a ton of national parks! It was the perfect gift idea, but when it arrived I was disappointed by the size of the tokens. They are smaller than dimes, and only 1 side has the national park name. The park names are printed in ink, not even engraved. It honestly just looks like apart of the metal ring on the keychain. I hope she relishes what it is when she opens it lol! I wouldn’t recommend this, especially for the price.

    Thank you so much for your message Lindsay. I appreciate your honest feedback, and we deeply apologize for the disappointment. Our aim with all of our tokens is to keep them small, light-weight, and convenient. They are meant to be a sustainable and compact way to collect and commemorate our travels, and therefore we have been very intentional about their size, material, and therefore the font size we laser etch on there as well. We use our state of the art Radian Laser to engrave each of our surgical grade stainless steel tokens.

    We do everything we can to communicate the size of the tokens on each product page. We show actual photos of the tokens in reference to the Wanderchain, in reference to hands, and we have a size reference chart when compared to a penny. We also give the dimensions in the description: '13mm x 1mm | Surgical-grade stainless steel'.

    Unfortunately with certain destinations that are longer in text, we cannot increase the font size to aesthetically fit onto the token itself. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we can certainly coordinate a hassle free return. Please let me know how you would like to proceed, and we would be happy to accommodate.

    The perfect gift.

    I absolutely love these. I got 2 for my son and his wife, who are going traveling next year. They are so well made. I've ordered another 2 as gifts. Might have too get myself .

    Thanks so much for the love, Karen. What a gorgeous pair! Let's get you started on your personal collection soon

    Katherine Kreger
    Such a cool item to have!!

    Such a cool way to remember where I’ve been!! Can’t wait to add more tokens!!

    Wow, thanks so much, Katherine! We can't wait to craft more for you too!

    Perfect gift for travelers!

    I’ve been looking at these for awhile and received a key chain with the national parks for Christmas. I’m obsessed! I’ve bought 3 more for birthdays (and got myself more tokens). I love that it’s made in the US as well.

    That's awesome, Taryn! Thanks so much and we'd love to craft more for you!

    Logan Mauldin
    Beautiful product

    The keychain was much larger than I was expecting but is absolutely beautiful and very high quality. The tokens are perfect, and the ring is large enough to add a lot of tokens to it.

    Yay, thanks so much for this, Logan! We're excited for you to add more tokens to your collection!

    Paulette Hill
    Perfect gift for my adult kids!

    I’m always looking for something they can’t bring back to my house to store! One son is a touring musician so I started the country’s tokens for him. The other son is a great outdoorsman so I started the national parks tokens for him. He is also vegan so he appreciated the vegan fob! I was thrilled with the cool presentation box. I look forward to ordering again for their birthdays!

    Wow, TWC collections are definitely perfect for your children, Paulette! We look forward to crafting more for them too!

    Sue Caballero
    To Celebrate Their Honeymoon

    I purchased all of the California State Parks for my son and his wife to commemorate the trip they took for their honeymoon. They loved it and are already planning their next trip and ordering their token!

    Sky Wanderchain (Vegan)
    Sky Wanderchain (Vegan)