Wheels Up! 9 Best Gifts for Flight Attendants

Four flight attendants in blue uniforms walking through an airport with wheeled luggage and a yellow rectangle with the words "9 best gifts for flight attendants"

Flight crews play such a crucial role in travelers' experiences, from both safety and comfort standpoints. In recent years, their job has become quite challenging, having to stay on top of, and in some cases even enforce, never-ending protocols and restrictions. 

Of course, that's in addition to serving hundreds of passengers each day, being on their feet for long shifts in a cramped area. It's a stressful, often times thankless, job. 

Next time you fly, consider bringing along a token of your appreciation and giving it to the crew on your way on or off the plane, or even during your flight as the crew passes by. Not sure what to offer? We've got you covered with nine of the best gifts for flight attendants. 

Looking for more general travel gifts? We've got you covered!

Best Gifts for Flight Attendants  

Whether you're catching a flight yourself or you personally know someone who works for an airline, brighten someone’s day with one of the best gifts for flight attendants. 

A brown Wanderchain with several Travel Tokens attached to it, one of the best gifts for flight attendants

1. The Wander Club Travel Tokens

Thanks to the demands of their job, flight attendants rack up a LOT of miles. Travel tokens from The Wander Club are a perfect versatile (and portable!) way for recipients to keep track of the places they’ve been.

Each stainless steel Travel Token features an engraved name of a location or landmark, making it truly one of the best gifts for flight attendants. Choose from tokens based on countries, U.S. states, or cities from around the world. You can also select tokens named for U.S. national and state parks, baseball stadiums, bodies of water, landmarks, and more!

Pro gift-giving tip: Make this flight attendant gift even more special and personalized by engraving specific travel dates or another custom message on the reverse side.

2. The Wander Club Token Holders

No set of Travel Tokens is complete without a Token Holder to display them all. Choose from an assortment of Wanderchain colors with split rings that can hold up to 40 tokens each. This is one of the best gifts for flight attendants to showcase countries, cities, U.S. states, or even continents visited!

For the recipient who likes to “wear” where they’ve been, necklaces are also available in silver, dainty, gunmetal, and ball chain styles to display travel tokens. Wearers can slide as many tokens as they want to for easy style.

Pro gift-giving tip: Buy an extra split ring to add even more Travel Tokens to a wanderchain.

3. Airplane Necklace

Sometimes less really is more. A minimalist necklace with an airplane-shaped charm confidently conveys the wearer's love for air travel. We've also seen these creatively used as charms for luggage or to hang from a rear-view mirror, so this is one of the more versatile gifts for flight attendants. 

4. Luggage Travel Cup Holder

A clever luggage travel cup holder attaches to the extended handle of a suitcase, providing pockets for a cup of coffee or another beverage, plus a phone, passport, and other essentials. It's so simple yet very handy (the best kind of gifts for flight attendants!), keeping all your essentials within easy access.

Most luggage travel cup holders have a universal fit via an adjustable Velcro strap that goes across the telescoping handle. 

A woman sleeping in a dark room with a sleep mask on, one of the best gifts for flight attendants

5. Sleep Mask

With the odd hours they keep and sometimes hectic schedules, flight crews often end up having to sleep in airport lounges or only have a few hours to sneak in some shut-eye at their hotel (many times, during daylight!).

That's exactly why one of the best gifts for flight attendants is a good quality sleep mask, to help block out the light and provide a bit of comfort. 

6. “Off Duty, Save Yourself” Wine Glass

Help your favorite flight attendant unwind after a long flight or dealing with fussy passengers with a tongue-in-cheek wine glass. It contains a playful but all-too-real message, and usually a silhouette of a plane, plus it's packable. 

7. Custom Flight Attendant Luggage Tag

A custom flight attendant luggage tag is a cute gift anyone can appreciate. Inspired by stickers, you can customize each tag by choosing a gender, airline uniform, and even hair and skin tones. 

8. Water-Resistant Travel Shoe Bag

A travel shoe bag lets you keep a pair of shoes dry and organized, something that comes in especially handy for flight attendants. Sometimes, they have one evening or even just a few hours to explore before heading off again, so this allows them to quickly change and also protects other items from odors and stains. 

9. “Not On My Flight” Ball Cap

Give passengers plenty of (playful) notice with this unstructured, low-profile baseball cap. The “not on my flight” message is a simple, cheeky, and stylish way of letting others know who’s really flying the plane.



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