15 Most Unique New Orleans Souvenirs

Buildings lining Bourbon Street with colorful flags hanging from them and a green rectangle with white letters that says "15 Most Unique New Orleans Souvenirs"

In a city as memorable as The Big Easy, a traditional souvenir just won't do. You need something exciting, stylish, personal, or custom — or perhaps, all of the above. Here, we've rounded up 15 of the best New Orleans souvenirs so you don't even have to think about it. Instead, focus on Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll!). 

15 New Orleans Souvenirs to Bring Home

A hand holding a Wanderchain in front of an image of Bourbon Street, along with a New Orleans travel token, some of the best New Orleans souvenirs

1. The Wander Club Travel Tokens

Travel Tokens from The Wander Club perfectly fit the requirements of everything a New Orleans souvenir should be, including attractive and high-quality. They're a wonderful way to show off your travels and there's even a New Orleans City Token!


2. Token Holders From The Wander Club

You're going to need a way to display all those shiny new Travel Tokens, and The Wander Club has you covered regardless of your personal style. Whether you choose a Wanderchain or a necklace, our Shop Token Holders are the best way to keep your Travel Tokens organized (and show them off, of course!). 

A Wanderchain from The Wander Club with several Travel Tokens attached and landmark stickers surrounding it

3. Tabasco Hot Sauce

Did you know that Tabasco is not only based in southern Louisiana, but was created here well over 150 years ago? The ultra-famous original recipe was developed in 1868 on Avery Island, a massive deposit of solid rock salt just a couple of hours from NOLA.

Needless to say, Tabasco is uniquitous around these parts, and certainly one of the best New Orleans souvenirs. You can also tour the factory on Avery Island, so this is one souvenir that can come straight from the source!

4. Mardi Gras Beads

Closely associated with Mardi Gras and the city's ability to throw one heck of a party, Mardi Gras beads are an excellent New Orleans souvenir. As a bonus, they're also generally easy on the wallet! Find them at virtually every shop in the French Market.

5. Beignet Mix from Cafe du Monde

This iconic NOLA cafe is world-renowned for its chicory coffee and beignets, but you don't necessarily have to visit to experience them. One of the tastiest New Orleans souvenirs, you can bring home a few packages of beignet baking mix or coffee for others to enjoy. 

A napkin with several pralines on it, a delicious option for New Orleans souvenirs

6. Pralines

Few specific foods are as synonymous with The BIg Easy as pralines. These sweet treats, made from pecans, brown sugar, and plenty of butter, are found everywhere throughout the city, but Aunt Salley's has perfected them. This local institution has been in business since 1935, making a trip here for some delicious New Orleans souvenirs a worthy stop. 

7. Cajun Spices

Sticking with the food theme, another great (and tasty) idea for New Orleans souvenirs is some Cajun spices. Trust us, you're going to want to share the incredible food in this city with everyone you possibly can! Stop into the World Famous N'awlins Cafe' and Spice Emporium in the French Quarter for the best selection.

8. Voodoo Dolls

 Although it has a completely misconstrued reputation, voodoo is a religion (not a cult or dark practice!) with deep roots in New Orleans. Learn about it and pick up a few voodoo dolls as one of the more unique New Orleans souvenirs. 

9. Piece of the Local Music Scene

Few cities in the entire world have better music scenes than New Orleans'. From the countless performance venues to pop-up live music on virtually every city block, blues and jazz pulse through The Big Easy. 

Admittedly, nothing will ever quite match the in-person vibe, but you can bring home a piece of this legendary music scene by buying a band's CD (we know, a totally foreign concept these days) or even a musical instrument. 

Three hurricane cocktails garnished with cherries and oranges on a tray

10. Hurricane Glass

Head to famous Pat O'Briens bar, at one time a speakeasy that visitors had to use a password to enter, to pick up this New Orleans souvenir. Bring home cocktail mixes or glasses and while you're there, try the drink yourself. 

11. Bottle of Sazerac

Invented in a New Orleans pharmacy as a medicinal cocktail, Sazerac is synonymous with the city. You can find bottles of it virtually anywhere, but for the best experience, go straight to the source and visit the Sazerac factory right downtown, just off of Bourbon Street. 

12. A Fancy Hat From Meyer the Hatter

Fancy hats are absolutely a "thing" in The South and as the saying goes, when in Rome...Head to Meyer the Hatter for the best selection, a local shop that's been in business well over 100 years.

13. Mardi Gras Masks

Like so many others things in New Orleans' culture, Mardi Gras masks have a much deeper meaning than initially meets the eye. They also make wonderful New Orleans souvenirs, as they're beautiful and so famous.

14. Fleur de lis Anything

The fleur de lis (translated to "flower of the lily") isn't just a common sight in New Orleans; it's actually the state's official symbol. It has roots tracing way back to 12th century France and as you know, NOLA thoroughly embraces its French heritage. Choose literally anything your recipient will love, from home decor to jewelry or flags.

15. Anything From the French Market

If you're still stuck on what type of New Orleans souvenirs to pick up, simply head to the French Market and browse. There's an excellent, ever-changing selection of locally-made art, goods, and treats, so you're sure to find that perfect something. 

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