10 Unique Football Gifts to Win Gift-giving

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It's no secret that most football fans, like other sports fans, enjoy showing off their team spirit — in many cases, quite literally. Whether you're rooting for your favorite team or you just enjoy watching football (or playing fantasy) in general, there's no denying that it can be a lot of fun.

So whether you're looking for a unique gift for your favorite football fan or just want some ideas to add to your own wish list, we've got you covered with 10 of our favorite football gift ideas.

A hand holding a Football Wanderchain at a football game, one of the best football gifts

Football Gifts Sure to be a Touchdown

1. Football Wanderchain + Football Stadium Tokens

For one of the more unique gifts for football fans, consider gifting a Football Wanderchain and Football Stadium Tokens from The Wander Club.

Tokens are available for all NFL stadiums, and the Football Wanderchains are made of upcycled genuine leather American footballs. Each one has a unique story and bears unique markings, so no two are alike!

Your recipient can organize their keys or just have an awesome decorative piece that displays all the stadiums they've visited. Or, add Football Tokens to an existing Wanderchain to show off all your adventures!

A Football Wanderchain and Football Stadium Tokens on green turf

2. Football Jersey

For the ultimate football fan, why not go all out and splurge on a football jersey? You can find jerseys for literally any team and player, including special edition and vintage versions.

Whether they actually wear it or frame it to display as a collectors' item, jerseys make some of the best football gifts. Want brownie points? Gift an autographed jersey!

3. Lego Football Helmet

Helmets are popular and timeless football gifts, but they're truthfully not all that practical. They're heavy, bulky, and can be quite expensive. 

A fantastic and unique alternative is this Lego version! Available for all NFL teams, these helmets made of mini bricks are a blast to put together and make an eye-catching finished product. 

4. NFL Board Game

Board games are timeless for a reason — they keep on giving, perpetually. Combine that with an NFL theme and you have some of the best football gifts out there. 

Choose your favorite team and try your luck in NFL Bingo, look for NFL chess or checkers, or splurge on an NFL Collectors' Edition Monopoly game. Board games are always fun to play, but the football theme adds a definite sense of (mostly) friendly competition!

5. Football Home Decor

Proudly display your team pride in your home with football-themed decor. From wall art and lamps to blankets and throws, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your favorite team into your home décor.

Got a house divided? Start there! How fun could a living room be if the sofa has throw pillows and blankets from two different, rival teams?

A leather football pillow, one of the best football gifts

6. Football-themed Jewelry

For those football fans who like to show off their team pride in a slightly more subtle way, football-themed jewelry is a great option. You can find everything from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and rings, all decked out in your favorite team's logo or colors.

Want a completely custom twist on this football gift? Add an NFL Token (or a few!) to one of our necklaces! 

7. Kitchenware

Food is often at the center of gatherings, especially when it comes to football gatherings. With that in mind, kitchenware, whether that be dishes, towels, an apron, cutting board, or something else entirely, makes some of the best football gifts. 

8. Football Stadium Map

For someone who enjoys catching live games, a stadium map is one of the best football gifts. There are several variations, including scratch-off maps, push-pin maps, color-by-number maps, and more. 

9. Game Tickets

The ultimate in football gifts is a set of tickets to a real-life game. Whether it's the NFL or college, there's simply nothing quite like watching all the action in person. 

This is certainly more of a splurge compared to other unique gifts for football fans, but when you see the sheer joy on the recipient's face, it'll all be worth it — especially if you're lucky enough to be invited as their guest. 

A group of people on a stadium tour, one of the best football gifts

10. NFL Stadium Tour

Don't want to spring for game tickets? Or perhaps you're looking for something especially unique and memorable among football gifts? Check out a stadium tour! This is something you can enjoy even without tickets to the game (in fact, in most cases, tours are only held when the team isn't playing at home).

Many NFL teams offer these behind-the-scenes, exclusive experiences as both public and private options. Better yet, few people know something like this even exists, giving it an even more VIP vibe!

You can tour Lumen Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, on a 1.5-hour guided experience most days that the team isn't playing at home. Along the same lines, MetLife Stadium, where both the New York Jets and New York Giants play, offers tours on select Saturdays year-round.

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