Gamble on the 14 Best Las Vegas Souvenirs

Gamble on the 14 Best Las Vegas Souvenirs

There are countless reasons to visit Sin City, ranging from personal to outdoorsy to business and, well, sinful. Whatever your reasons for visiting, don't forget to grab a few Las Vegas souvenirs before you head home.

That whole "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" thing is mostly true, but the one exception is memories. Your memories get to travel home with you, so why not commemorate them with a few little somethings in the form of Las Vegas souvenirs?

14 Unique Las Vegas Souvenirs

An aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip at sunrise on a cloudy morning, with many shops selling Las Vegas souvenirs

There are tons (seriously...tons) of souvenir shops crammed full of Las Vegas souvenirs up and down The Strip. That may be fine if you're looking for something totally generic, but if you want something better quality or more meaningful, you'll want some ideas. That's exactly why we came up with this list of not-so-common Las Vegas souvenirs!

1. The Wander Club Las Vegas Travel Token


The good times don't necessarily have to stop rolling once you leave Las Vegas, thanks to Vegas-themed Travel Tokens from The Wander Club. 

Our Las Vegas City Token and Las Vegas Strip Landmark Token make excellent Las Vegas souvenirs for anyone, especially when they're customized (consider adding the date of your trip or the hotel you stayed in to the back!).

2. Token Holders From The Wander Club

Once you have your Las Vegas Travel Tokens, you'll need some way to display and organize them. Wanderchains from The Wander Club are a wonderful option, as each one holds up to 40 tokens (i.e.; travel memories!).

These high-quality token holders suit literally any personal style and offer a fun way to organize your adventures, too! Not only will this visual reminder help you remember all of your trips, it's also a stylish way to show off all the places you’ve been. 


3. Poker Chips

We can probably all agree that Vegas is the place to play poker. That means a set of custom poker chips is one of the best Las Vegas souvenirs, presenting a great way for poker aficionados to remember all the fun they had (and hopefully, money they won!).

Some plastic poker chip sets are as affordable as $20, while clay or ceramic chips are a bit fancier and really level up your at-home poker game. 

Someone rolling dice out of a cup onto a table where poker chips are stacked

4. Collectible Dice

Rolling dice in Las Vegas (both literally and figuratively) is as iconic as the Las Vegas Strip itself. A set of dice can be simple painted plastic or blinged-out glass, making this one of the best options for Las Vegas souvenirs.

5. World Series of Poker Merch

For those among us who don't have $10,000 to join the famous World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament, a set of WSOP playing cards or a baseball cap will have to do!

Other merchandise including shirts, mugs, and much more are available at the Rio, where the tournament was played for a whopping 17 years (it's moving into an all-new facility on The Strip in 2023!). 

6. Chicken Ranch Brothel Token

Vegas got its nickname “Sin City” from all the, ahem, adult attractions. Casinos, speakeasies, and whorehouses...gang's all here!

The most famous among them is the Chicken Ranch Brothel, still open (and still iconic) today. If you need more than just your memories of a visit to Chicken Ranch, some of the best Las Vegas souvenirs include a token to take home with you. 

7. “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Memorabilia

The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign is just off The Strip and about as iconic as famous landmarks come. While taking an actual photo in front of the sign is a must-do while in town, a symbolic version is one of the best Las Vegas souvenirs.

There are tons of magnets, stickers, shirts, glassware, replica signs, and more items with the famous sign up for grabs at local souvenir shops.

The famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign on The Strip, the basis for some of the best Las Vegas souvenirs

8. Turquoise Jewelry

Native American Indian tribes live all around the Las Vegas area, and their artisan shops are well worth a quick detour for traditional jewelry, home wares, clothing, and more.

Most notably, keep an eye out for gorgeous sterling silver jewelry inlaid with turquoise. Nevada, like much of the rest of the Southwest, is known for its turquoise and silver mines. Native American craftsmen and women handcraft bracelets, rings, and all kinds of stunning accessories with it. 

9. Jean Philippe Patisserie Chocolates

The smell of chocolate wafts through the air at the Jean Philippe Patisserie Chocolates shop in the Bellagio. The 27-foot-high chocolate fountain is strictly for photo-ops, but fortunately, you can bring home a box of gourmet chocolates as Las Vegas souvenirs or have a chocolate-centric meal at the patisserie.

10. Nevada Vodka

Today, Las Vegas has every imaginable adult indulgence, but believe it or not, all the liquor was imported until 2011!

The Las Vegas Distillery has been making vodka ever since. Grab a bottle and take a distillery tour to learn about the vodka-making process and Vegas' interesting history when it comes to liquor.

11. Vegas Golden Knights Wine

Hockey fans will instantly recognize the Las Vegas Golden Knights symbol and appreciate the fact that it was only recently the city acquired any professional sports teams whatsoever.

Aside from the usual sports merch, consider buying a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay to take home for a unique take (or rather, taste!) on traditional Las Vegas souvenirs. 

12. Customized Chocolates From M&M’s World

Head over to the fun M&M’s World for a personalized bag of M&Ms, made right in front of you! You can choose everything about the candies, from the color, image, and even a personalized message to be printed. 

A mountain and saguaro cacti in the desert, which are some of the best Las Vegas souvenirs

13. Desert Cactus

Vegas is a true oasis in the middle of the harsh Southwest desert, home to countless cacti. For non-desert-dwelling plant lovers, a cactus represents one of the best types of Las Vegas souvenirs! They're easy to care for and, if you buy a baby potted one, even easy to transport, plus it'll last for many, many years. 

14. Holiday Ornament

Las Vegas souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes, but holiday ornaments are just as glittery and unique as The Strip itself! A Las Vegas ornament is an unexpected and thoughtful way to remember a trip.

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