10 Memorable Zion National Park Souvenirs

10 Memorable Zion National Park Souvenirs

One of America's most-visited national parks and a top tourist destination worldwide, Zion National Park is on many a bucket list. 

Whether you have just a few hours to make the famous scenic drive through the park or you'll be there exploring for several days, you're going to want at least one or two Zion National Park souvenirs.

We've come up with 10 of the best, so you can focus on simply enjoying (or reminiscing about!) your trip. Ready to see 10 of the best Zion National Park souvenirs? Let's go!


An overview of scenic Zion Canyon, one of the iconic viewpoints to consider when shopping for Zion National Park souvenirs

10 Zion National Park Souvenirs

1. Zion National Park Travel Token from The Wander Club

Anything that allows you to effortlessly show off your adventures qualifies as one of the best Zion National Park souvenirs, and The Wander Club's Zion National Park Travel Token fits the bill perfectly. 



Aside from Zion, we also have tokens for all the other View U.S. National Parks, not to mention countless other options, including Landmarks, States, Countries, Baseball Stadiums, and custom options. 

2. The Wander Club Wanderchain

You're going to need a way to display that shiny new Zion National Park travel token, right? Look no further than our Wanderchain travel keychains, which hold a ton of travel tokens (i.e.; your travel memories!). 



Choose from a variety of colors and finishes, including vegan leather, to suit your personality and style. You can even have your Wanderchain monogrammed!

A hand holding a Wanderchain and a Zion token from The Wander Club, excellent choices for Zion National Park souvenirs

3. National Parks Passport

If you're a national park enthusiast planning to visit several parks (or shopping for someone who fits that description!), a national parks passport is a worthwhile investment. Like traditional passports, these booklets let you collect stamps documenting all the national parks you've visited, along with the dates. 

4. Zion National Park Passport Stamp

One of the very best Zion National Park souvenirs is a stamp for your passport booklet. It lets you keep track of exactly when you visited (no matter how many times!), plus it's totally FREE to get the stamp!

5. Rocks

Yep, those kind of rocks. Zion is essentially a bunch of epic rocks in fascinating formations, so this is actually one of the most logical Zion National Park souvenirs! There are several rock shops just outside the park selling rocks and gemstones that have actually come from the area. 

Trays of colorful geodes and other rocks, great choices for Zion National Park souvenirs

6. Zion Water Bottle

A Zion-themed water bottle is an excellent and practical souvenir. Hiking is the star of the show in this park, and we all know hydration is key when it comes to hiking! After your visit, you'll also have a memento by your side every day, making this one of the top Zion National Park souvenirs. 

7. Zion National Park Puzzle

A good ol' fashioned jigsaw puzzle is an excellent idea for Zion National Park souvenirs. Many gift shops in Springdale sell puzzles depicting some of the park's most famous landmarks. You can put the puzzle together and break it down many times, or glue it together and have it framed. 

8. Stuffed Bighorn Sheep

Many desert bighorns call southern Utah home, and they especially like Zion for its towering, craggy rocks. A stuffed version makes an excellent Zion National Park souvenir to display at home or for little ones — especially if you actually spot one!

Three bighorn sheep on red rocks in Zion National Park

9. Zion National Park Candle

We LOVE the national park collection of candles from Parks Project! They burn cleanly and smell fantastic, and they're made with sustainable practices. 

The Zion National Park candle, in particular, smells of sweetgrass, willow, sage, and amber, embodying many of the park's native plants. Light the candle any time you want to be transported back to your time spent in the park!

10. Zion Blanket

We could go on and on about why the Rumpl Zion Original Puffy Blanket makes one of the best Zion National Park souvenirs! It's super durable, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use (pack it and use it as a picnic blanket on the trail!), water-resistant, and super pretty, too. 

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