Holiday Inspo: 7 Ideas for Gift Wrapping a Wanderchain

Holiday Inspo: 7 Ideas for Gift Wrapping a Wanderchain

We’re fully immersed in the holiday spirit over here, but really, who doesn’t like giving gifts regardless of the occasion? 

Love it or hate it, part of gift-giving is the presentation (literally — “present” is right there in the word!).

Luckily, when you’re gifting something adventure- or travel-themed from The Wander Club, like, say, a Wanderchain, the task at hand is a fun one!

Creative Ways to Wrap a Wanderchain

Just in time for holiday gift exchanges, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways to wrap those fun presents.

Wanderchains are by far our most popular products, but we have several other gifts for every style and budget. Many are even customizable. Happy shopping (and wrapping!)!

1. Stick With the Tried-and-True

All of The Wander Club’s goodies come perfectly gift-able, in beautiful custom-made gift boxes. 

That means technically, you don't have to do anything special when it comes to wrapping. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to attach a gift card and maybe a shiny bow before putting the box under the tree…

2. Stocking Stuffers

Whether you're gifting a Wanderchain, a necklace, a gift card, or anything else from The Wander Club, it comes stocking stuffer-ready (compact and affordable!).

And since the packaging is already picture-perfect, go ahead and slip the gift box right into your giftee’s stocking!

Several white The Wander Club boxes with red bows in front of a Christmas tree

3. DIY Stocking Charm

Love the stocking idea, but looking to do something slightly more unexpected? Use a Wanderchain as a stocking charm!

Clipping it onto the cuff or loop works beautifully, whether you want to jazz up your mantle or it’s simply a more practical way of identifying stockings without personalizing them.

4. Tree Ornament

Another great way to give someone their new Wanderchain is to put it on your Christmas tree disguised as an ornament. Simply clip the Wanderchain onto the tree among the other decorations. 

For bonus points, hang it somewhere not-so-obvious and have the recipient try to find the new "ornament" on the tree! Since they’ll have no idea what they’re looking for, it’ll be an extra fun surprise.

A tan Wanderchain and white box with red bow hanging in a Christmas tree
Image courtesy of @lovejennyblog via Instagram

5. Accessorize a New Backpack or Water Bottle

If there’s an outdoor enthusiast on your gift list, this wrapping idea serves double-duty. 

Attach a Wanderchain filled with Travel Tokens to a new hiking backpack, reusable water bottle, or a pair of trekking poles. The tokens can either show off all the places the recipient has been or (even better!) be a way to give hints about an upcoming adventure.

A red Deuter backpack with a Wanderchain attached in front of Half Dome
Image courtesy of @vegas.cowgirl via Instagram

6. Create a Gift Tag

Are you one of those people who genuinely loves wrapping gifts, and who gets really into it? You’re going to love this gift wrap idea!

Wrap or bag your gift, then use the Wanderchain as a gift tag. Attach the clip to either a ribbon tied around the box or bag handles, then let it hang proudly on display. Not only does this dress up a special gift, but it also addsthe visual interest under your tree.

7. Up Your Wrapping Game With Token Charms

Similar to adding tags to presents, charms are a fun way to make gifts more eye-catching. And The Wander Club’s Travel Tokens make the perfect charms — because they’re well, literally, charms

String a few (or a bunch!) onto ribbons and secure them, then attach the whole thing to presents. This is a great way to present additional tokens to someone who already has a Wanderchain or necklace!


Opening one of your exquisitely wrapped presents is like unwrapping a little piece of happiness—a reminder of the warmth and thoughtfulness that went into its creation. Your gift wrapping isn’t just a skill; it’s a gift in itself, bringing smiles and happiness to all who are lucky enough to receive it. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world and making every occasion a little brighter with your beautiful creations.

mums buzzar April 16, 2024

The writer seems to be a big fan of the “wrap as you buy” strategy. This tip eliminates the last-minute scramble and stress that often comes with gift wrapping. Imagine the relief of having beautifully wrapped gifts ready to go, instead of facing a mountain of wrapping paper and frantic wrapping sessions later! It’s a chance to express ourselves creatively, to add a personal touch to the gift-giving experience. And as we watch them unwrap the package, their eyes alight with delight, we’re reminded that sometimes, the most precious moments in life are the ones we share with those we love."

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You have shared some very unique ideas here, and I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us. Thank you for taking the time to share these ideas with us. I am impressed with the ideas you’ve presented here.

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