8 Awesome Personalized Military Gifts

Several soldiers marching in uniform with a tan and army green rectangle in front with the words "8 awesome personalized military gifts"

There are plenty of reasons to shop for personalized military gifts. Maybe someone you know just enlisted. Maybe you want to brighten a military spouse's day while they're holding down the fort on their own, or perhaps you want to help someone celebrate being assigned to their dream military base.

While all of these occasions are very different, they have one thing in common: the only appropriate present is one of the best personalized military gifts. Here are eight of the most unique!

Top Personalized Military Gifts

An American flag and some military accessories surrounding several military tokens from The Wander Club

1. The Wander Club Military Tokens

Perhaps the goal is to show support for a loved one in the service. Or maybe it's to honor a specific base — because you served there yourself, because it's where you met your significant other, or for some other reason. 

Whatever the "why" is, Military Tokens from The Wander Club make some of the best personalized military gifts. For added brownie points, add a specific date to the back!


Three Military Wanderchains from The Wander Club, some of the best personalized military gifts

2. The Wander Club Military Wanderchain

The only thing that can top The Wander Club's Military Tokens? Pairing them with a Military Wanderchain!

Not only is this a practical way to organize your Military Tokens (and keys!), but the Wanderchains are stylish and unique, too. So unique, in fact, that no two are alike! The camouflage pattern varies slightly on every single one, meaning yours will be 100% one-of-a-kind.

3. Custom Military Ornament

There are countless variations of military-themed ornaments out there, but it's the little things that make certain ones stand out from the crowd and qualify them as the best personalized military gifts. 

This one from Etsy showcases a tactical vest or backpack, boots, helmet, and dog tags, all of which can be customized. Add a name to make it even more special.

4. Scratch-off Map

Scratch maps make some of the best personalized military gifts because they quite literally tell the recipient's story. Plus, who doesn't love the satisfaction of scratching off a destination?!

There are tons of options, so consider picking a map to showcase the bases someone has served at or places they visited while stationed in a specific location.

A engraved wallet insert with a photo of a woman embracing a man in uniform, one of the best personalized military gifts

5. Engraved Wallet Insert

Many people keep photos of loved ones in their wallet, but this personalized military gift takes that a step further. The beautiful anodized aluminum credit card-sized insert is laser-engraved with a photo of your choice. 

That's not all, though — you can also have the back engraved with your own words, whether it's a meaningful quote or something you came up with yourself. Choose from several fonts or even upload your very own handwriting!

6. Customized Knife

Knives are practical and meaningful, and can often even be prized possessions. Whether you want to get a decorative knife for display purposes or one that will effectively process a hunting harvest, consider having it personalized or monogrammed.

7. Keepsake Dog Tags

Dog tags make some of the best personalized military gifts because they show support and respect. You can wear yours out and about and show your support to the world!

There are many, many variations, but consider having replicas of an authentic dog tag made, or go a more minimalist route and have just one name engraved. 

8. Keepsake Military Storage Box

When someone is serving active duty, and especially when he or she is deployed, little everyday objects can become incredibly meaningful. Gift a small keepsake box to keep all these items safe and together, making them even more special!

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