If you've ever had the privilege to travel abroad and see the world, then you know just how incredible this planet and its people are. It is filled with more beauty, adventure, and life lessons than we deserve.

But beyond the Eiffel Tower in France or the Taj Mahal in India (which are very easy on the eyes), there lies a truth that is much harder to look at.

That truth is that almost half of all humans live in poverty, which means they don’t even have the basic necessities of life - including water, shelter, electricity, and food.

After learning about this fact and seeing it firsthand during my travels to Ghana, Thailand, and Peru, I knew that The Wander Club HAD to be more than just a company that sold products.

So in an effort to do our part and in collaboration with our non-profit partner, Rice Bowls, we have remained committed to donating a portion of our profits to help end world hunger.

For every order placed, we will donate a meal to a child in need.

Orphan and Malnutrition Facts

  • Nearly 163 million children across the world are orphans.
  • Every few seconds, an orphan dies from malnutrition.
  • Even more often, malnutrition cripples children’s growth, dulls their intellect, and renders them susceptible to life-threatening diseases.
  • Vulnerable children, with few means of supporting themselves, are often forced to work as street vendors, beggars, domestic servants, or given over to the sex trade — victims of human trafficking.
  • Who’s caring for these kids? Less than 10% of orphaned children are receiving some kind of public support.

    YOU are helping to make a tremendous impact on these children's futures and in their overall wellbeing. Thank you!

    Information pulled from the UNICEF and The Children on the Brink Report